Saw this on the 6 train as part of MTA's "Poetry in Motion" project. I'm actually not crazy about the rest of her stuff, but I've come to peace with that. And I love this.

To the Reader: Twilight

Whenever I look
out at the snowy
mountains at this hour
and speak directly
into the ear of the sky,
it’s you I’m thinking of.
You’re like the spirits
the children invent
to inhabit the stuffed horse
and the doll.
I don’t know who hears me.
I don’t know who speaks
when the horse speaks.


Bonus: I tried to take a picture of the poem so I could look it up later and Tyler thought I was taking a picture of him. You can guess how he feels about it. (Note the Young Fidel hat.)

Tyler, if you're reading this, I know you're mad at me, but the expression on your face is really great.

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