My favorite song covers are the ones that turn the song inside out, into something totally different but still legitimate. For that reason, I recommend that you stop what you're doing and listen to Damien Rice's version of "When Doves Cry." (Full disclosure: any fun that was in the original track is completely gone. It's gut-wrenching, which is to say that it sounds like most Damien Rice songs.)

I actually saw Damien Rice perform during my first week of college, and I vaguely recall him playing this (and also that his cellist covered "Purple Haze"). But unlike a lot of things from that era, this is actually a lot better than I remember.

Other updates: I've started working with the World Bank on stakeholder engagement for a short-term governance/public management project (more on that later). It's exciting, and I'm really enjoying it, but I did have to leave my babies at the school where I was working. On the last day I took a class picture, and without being prompted,* every one of them struck a completely ridiculous pose. It's perfect, the exact way I want to remember them, and looking at it makes me feel both sad and lucky.

Also, yesterday I did an 826DC workshop in which we asked our participants (6-12 YO) what animal hybrid they would choose to be. There were some really brilliant ones. My favorites were:

CUTEST: "pandeerkat" (panda meerkat)

MOST INGENIOUS: "dingaroo" (dingo kangaroo)


*As with most photographs, there was technically a prompt for attention, but all I asked them to do was say "I LOVE READING!" I said nothing about putting anyone in a headlock.

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