From 2007-2010, I worked for the newsmagazine Scoop44 (later ScoopDaily), first as a correspondent and then as the Washington editor. I covered politics, race, culture, and youth engagement, with a few infographics thrown in. The publication is now defunct, but thanks to the magic of the Internet Archive, you can read some of my work here, here, and here. (A more complete list is forthcoming.) I've also written for ReadySetDC, where I held the dubious honor of being the original bar trivia reviewer, and more recently for outlets such as The Billfold

Additionally, I've kept some form of blog since 2003.* The latest iteration can be found hereI write about international development, current events, things that my ten-year-old reading buddy says, and my favorite places on the Internet. Etc. 

Finally, I've done some academic work if that's your thing. 


*No, it wasn't a Xanga. It was a LiveJournal.